Friday, May 18, 2012


I did not reach my goal, but I am making progress!
This book is 90 pages so far and all the pictures are in and formatted.
Now I'm just working on text and embellishments!
My new goal?
Done by next week...
Cheer me on!  :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Newsletter!

May Newsletter was out a week ago! 
OOps!  Spring has been so wonderful and the outside has called my name.  
Therefore, this blog has been neglected!  
Check it out here!

I caught my dad crying...

Last year I had written/designed a book about all the horses we've owned. My dad came to visit this weekend and spent some time reading it. He is a sensitive man, but I am reminded why what I do is so important. Getting our heritage down, telling our stories, lasting memories for my children and their children... Beauty

Saturday, March 24, 2012



  HM has put up quite a few resources that are so accessible when you are having a hard time meeting up with your or you live too far away.  I just found Studio Tours for beginners on Youtube.  You can go to Youtube and type in Heritage Makers or you can just click on these links to see videos that will help you get introduced and started!  I know nothing can replace a real live person, so contact me if you have any questions!

The most recent class that has been published is an inspirations class on Wedding Projects!  So if you know someone getting married or you are getting married, see if anything catches your eye and makes you want to get connected.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get 'er Done!

My latest idea is really inspiring me to actually get it done!
I know all the occasions I will need a greeting card:  my sisters' birthdays, my parents, Mother's Day & Father's Day (for all the "Mothers" & "Fathers" in my family?), 5 more weddings, and, believe it or not, a recent funeral.

It would be so easy to 
1.  Browse the Template Gallery
2. Click on "Get and Keep Browsing" when I find a good one or one I may use.
3.  Build a collection of my favorite cards in my own templates.

4. Got to "My Templates" and get those cards done!

Then I am not stuck with an impersonal card 
that cost me twice as much 
that I bough at Target or Walgreens!


Friday, March 16, 2012


Mid-Month and nearly all the pictures have a place in the trip book...
We are up to nearly 80 pages!  I am so excited because this is the biggest project I have undertaken yet so far.  The trip too three weeks, though!  How could I do it in less?
I also took so many pictures knowing I wanted to share this memory with my kids as their own memories started to fade.  I want them to remember the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, the mountains and the desert, the canyons and the rivers, and the historic sites that they will learn about again someday.
I designed this cover last August and I still love it! It will be 7.5x10 hardcover and beautifully crafted!
Personal, pictures with story, people and scenery, word art and embellishments...
The possibilities are endless!